Johnson Valley and Others

California is a big state, one of these days I will get around to running the Rubicon just to say it's been done.

The Dusy and Johnson Valley are a great fill in.

Trip to Johnson Valley back in the day. Steve fought some overheating issues with his fuel system, the SJ just did it's thing without complaint.

Next trail to run through, the infamous Outer Limits. The SJ just did it's thing once again. The Sammy left 3 broken axles behind and had to be pulled out the next day. Fun times for all involved.

Didn't have anything to do with this trip but it certainly looked like fun!

Why do the Rubicon when you can run the Dusy?

The newer and upgraded Samurai with Steve and Josh behind the wheel headed down to Cali to do some wheeling and take back on the trails. Much more successful this time around.