Moab 2004

Moab, the self proclaimed 4x4 capital of the world. It is fun though.

2004 was the first true wheeling trip for my old SJ-410, from the garage onto the trailer and down to Moab. 5 days of seeing what we can crawl over with 3 Suzuki's. 2 Samurai's on 31" tires and my SJ-410 on 33's.

A day and a half to drive down, 5 days of wheeling and then another day and a half to drive back. Just one long road trip.

One of the biggest technical issues ended up being my camera randomly leaking gear oil onto the lens. Yes, I had a digital camera that leaked gear oil.

Crazy how each trip has it's own issues.

The opening day in Moab with runs through Cliffhanger and up onto Moab Rim. Ended with the SJ-410 shearing off the high steer kit made by the previous owner of the axles underneath it.

While the SJ was being welded back into wheeling shape the rest of the crew and a couple of XJ's met in camp went out to Hell's Revenge.

With the SJ back up and able to steer I was able to rejoin and hit Poison Spider Mesa and the Golden Spike.

Onto Pritchet Canyon. With some axle breakage on one of the Samurai's this ended up being the longest day on the trail.

Last day out, go for broke. Upper Heldarado was picked for the final trail. After an questionable start finding out the SJ no longer had a bolt holding the front spring in place we managed to make it through with just some bent sheet metal.