Naches and Rimrock

Eastern Washington Wheeling

We used to run over here a lot during the summer, not all of it documented. A lot more of Rimrock then Naches but highly recommend checking out either area. Make sure you stop by the Ranger station and get a local map, highlights the trails really well.

One of the earlier documented runs in Rimrock. Earlier run then normal, meant we had to cut a lot of trees out of the way.

Inaugural run of the Team Trophy Challenge Washington running trails in the Naches trail system.

Late snow meant that we were the first rigs over the ridge this year.

This time the run was wet, sloppy, and in Liberty. We managed second this year.

Running around with my Daily Driver. Going from the Rimrock campground and taking back roads up and over Naches to drop into Ellendburg.

The third and last Team Trophy Challenges hosted by Timber Tamers. Shame this ended, it was a lot of fun.

Had 3 SJ's on this trip. Two SJ-413's and one SJ-410.

A run on Fathers Day. No idea what went on, wasn't there. Looks fun though.

One of the last runs with the SJ before I built a new rig and got into racing. Probably should have just kept wheeling.