Walker Valley

Walker Valley ORV Park

The local park that saw way to much damage based on what was there. How many rigs have rolled on the Expressway for not very good reasons? One of the first places I really went wheeling Walker has been around for a very long time and seen a lot of changes.

It was also where any changes to the rigs were first tested out.

One of the earlier runs to Walker to see how the rig was running. Crazy how few pictures are taken sometimes.

Sometimes it is fun to look back at how the trails used to be.

I take a few minutes to air down my tires and we manage to roll a Jeep over. Welcome to Walker.

There is a lot of rigs in this one. Must be from another group.

One of the early runs with the green Tracker, which eventually became a white then grey Tracker. Fun times were had.

A parade and a run at Walker that ended up with another rolled rig. Parade was fun though. Even painted the SJ.

Another rig rolled on Expressway. A Cherokee this time, but we were getting better on flipping them back over.

No idea about this run, I wasn't there. Looks like fun though.

Steve started doing runs without me. Just as well, I was racing. Well, trying to race. I broke down a lot.

Testing out a new rig, the White Rabbit. Fun little run, needed lower transfer case gears.

And my last run at Walker. Really shows how slow I am at building new rigs.